Savanna and Bernie

Union_Grove_Trail_Ride_11Jun11I just wanted to let you know that Sweet Savanna is the best ride I have ever had (since losing Joey, my beautiful Arabian) Cindi and I went to Union Grove State Park last Saturday, and I cannot remember ever enjoying a ride more than that one! Of course all that was after I spent about half an hour being scared to death… Just very nervous, being out in the wilderness without Tom and Levi. Savanna is so sane and reliable, I could not have found a better match for nervous “Nellie” ole me!!

Mik_Savanna_Union_Grove_11Jun11I had almost resigned myself to giving up my most favorite activity, riding, and just enjoyed my second most favorite activity, Horse and Mule keeping. But that is changed now. Savanna has such a work ethic, she seems dedicated to taking care of us both, and really seems to enjoy getting out of the pasture, and going places. She did not like the ramp trailer at first, and turned around to exit the first time. But once we showed her how to walk up the ramp, and I backed out with her, she got it right away. She is so smooth, even her jog. She just seems to sway, and I don’t move in the saddle at all. Wonder why that is. She is not gaited. She walks quietly, and if I ask her she jogs slow or faster, if I ask. She is so well trained, she responds to light leg pressure, neck reins, and direct reins. She stops on “whoa” and backs easily. I am riding her in an O ring snaffel bit, with a sweet iron mouth piece ( used mainly on babies ). Cyn_Bernie_Union_Grove_11Jun11This of course is a direct result of the Brad Cameron Mule Clinic we attended. The ride had many hills, some fairly steep ( which caused Bernie to huff and puff ) and two wooden bridge crossings. I don’t know how far it was, but we were out for about 2 hours, and it was almost all walking with just a little jogging. Bernie worked up quite a sweat, but Savanna was wet only under her saddle pad. Our friends were patient with us, as we walk kinda slow for Bernie’s sake, as he is 26 and has Cushings. Once, when he got too far behind, Savanna stopped and looked back to make sure he was coming. So sweet.The mosquitos were awful, but we had bug spray. All in all it was a great day, and we have been encouraged to come on the next ride. That makes me feel really good, and if the weather is nice, we sure will go!!    HAPPY TRAILS ALL!    Mikki, Savanna, Cyn and Bernie