Our saddle mule business is a family venture/adventure.  We strive together to develop about 20 head of select mules a year.  We are very selective in the type of mule we offer for sale as a select mule.  They have to have the quality that one wants in a mule: safe enough to put a family member on.  We ride and train our mules until they have proven themselves to us.  When they are ready we offer them for sale as Select Saddle Mules.

Our family consists of Tom, Joyce, Levi, and Shelle.  Every one is a contributor and everybody rides.  Levi graduated as a certified farrier from Oklahoma State Horseshoeing School last summer between his Junior and Senior year.  Levi is in charge of the hoof care.  He also rides on a daily basis with his dad, Tom.  Tom and Levi ride rain or shine doing a variety of tasks required to develop a safe mule.  Shelle just graduated from college with a degree in special education, but she will get to ride with us some, even with her new career demands.  Joyce enjoys riding good safe mules and will be on one of three we are taking to Jake Clark’s Mule Days Sale on Fathers Day.  “Whip” is our Australian Shepherd that is in charge of making sure our mules are “dog tolerant”.  I think “Whip” has the most dangerous job of all.

Tom and Whip

 Tom and Levi work in the leather shop where various handcrafted leather products are created.  Some Items such as Chaps, Hobbles, Saddle Bags, Cruppers, Pack Halters, and Night Latches, just to name a few.

Levi and Amos

We have sold mules in a good portion of the country from professional outfitters and ranchers  to the greenest of the green and the words gentle and safe are heard the most.  If you ask anyone in the Jones’ family what the prettiest color is, the answer will be: “Gentle”.

This is PeeWee a 10 year old 13 hand mare mule broke the very best, with Andrew my 8 year old grandson. Every body loves riding her. PeeWee has made more than one dream come true. She would come in the house if you would let her.