Questions about Mules

Why buy our mules?

Our Select Saddle Mules are trained in the environment they are expected to perform in and they are reasonably priced.

Why buy a mule over a horse?

They are smarter, tougher, and stay trained when left idle.  They bond with their owner and become a friend.

How long will a mule last?

They can be worked well into their 20’s.

Why are mules more surefooted than a horse?

They can see all four feet because of the structure of the head.

Are mules more economical than horses?

They are less wasteful and less apt to get injured because they are smarter.

What do you think about bombproof mules?

There is no such thing.  Even the gentlest, best broke animal is capable of reacting to something unexpected.  A rider must stay alert at all times on all mules because of “Murphy’s Law” (anything that can go wrong, will).  Also remember “Murphy” rides a fast horse.