Babe’s Maiden Voyage

These folks have purchased two of our mules in the last two years…

“We went on a morning ride, cuz its supposed to get hot today. Really went good. No problems at all. You can see we got into some beggars lice on her legs and she let me pick it off with no fits.

Our trip home yesterday was good, but it was just as foggy when we got back as when we left.

Ruthie and Babe are getting along good and I see what you mean about easy to catch!! She is a sweetie.

Thanks again for everything. We will keep in touch.”

Dorothy Raaf

Update on the Jones Mules

“Everyone who sees Babe says how beautiful she is. We tell everyone who we got her from and how pleased we are. I do not think she has done one wrong thing since she has been here.

Tuesday night we had a “trying on” session. I wanted to get her fitted with a britchen to see how she would like that. Well, we tried three different ones on her and she was just very interested in the whole deal but not a bit ornery or pissy. One was too big (the one Levi wears) and one is biothane and it fit ok, but my leather one looked best on her, hugged her butt just right. It looks really good. I just walked her around with it on a bit and no issues so we went for a ride and that seems just fine.”

“She is really good with the dogs too. Daisy just lays by her and no stomping or trying to get her, silly dog is just not afraid. Casey, our Saint goes riding with us and sometimes leads and Babe thinks that is ok too.

Last night some of our neighbors silly calves got into the west mule pasture and I was trying to chase them out. You should have seen Babe! She was right on them twisting and turning biting their butts, she would probably be good at team penning! Then she ran over to me as if to say, “Did I do good?”

“We rode the “Jones” mules together Thursday night! She does good with who ever she rides with. The weekend we went to the County park, those trails are pretty narrow and the park was crowded. We had to wait for someone to leave to get a parking spot! Anyway, Babe was very polite and sweet when we met anyone on the trail and had to pass by or move off the trail. She Highlined overnite good and seemed to think camping was fun.”

We wormed all the mules over the weekend and she took that good too. She still comes running to us as soon as she sees you in the pasture and just is such a happy sweet girl. We sure do like her! Thanks so much for finding her for us.”

Dorothy Raaf